MSI Applications


MSI is a platform created by Microsoft. When I was in the process of releasing my own software, the common way in which software had been released was using an executable that provided a way of putting all the things in the right places and setting the right settings to the right things. Then came along MSI as the way to install software. It was new and different so I set forth along the path of creating installers for my own software. As I went along I created tools to help with releasing new software. I released these tools as Shareware.

MSICreate, MSIService and MSISelfExtract were all applications created to service a need. The need came about because there was no other way to easily create an installation program without either using the included Visual Studio tools or buying something like Installshield.

The applications, listed above, have not changed for nearly ten years. They are no longer actively supported and do not change. If you want to use them then that is good to hear. If you want extra features then my usual response is that no more features will be added.

You can still download the following: msicreate, msilaunch and msiselfextract